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Digicel and Claro Merger [What will Happen?]

Its been approximately two weeks since the news  broke regarding Digicel’s pending takeover of Claro in the Jamaican market, while at the same time forfeiting  its Honduran and El-Salvador  operations to Claro in the process.  LIME, the practically non-existent competitor, as well as a few influential Jamaican individuals have voiced their concerns over the situation; which could see Digicel establishing a monopoly, stifling the the already weak competition and [GOD forbid] abusing consumers in the process.

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Claro… “Shot by Cupid”

It appears as though Cupid has shot Claro in all the right places this season and the company has found yet another way to “woo” unsuspecting lovers into using its services. In what seems to be a form of “useage situation segmentation,” the company is clearly targetting talkative Jamaican lovers, who want to spend more time (when needed) communicating with their “boo.” clever marketing strategy right? We certainly think so and when compared to their telecommunication counterparts (LIME and Digicel), we’re sure that lovers all over the island will “appreciate” this wonderful cost saving gesture.

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Battle of the “Telecom Giants” Best Campaign Goes to Who?

Its “Christmas time” once again and Jamaica’s Telecommunication Giants are beginning to dig deep into their “Santa Bags” and “Stockings” to reward customers for a year of continued support. As “we” the consumers sit back to receive the fruits of these companies hard marketing labor, we can’t help but admire or sometimes criticize their work.  In this post we will showcase some of the christmas ad campaigns that really caught our eye, and the ones we wished didn’t. Feel free to look through our list and tell us what you think by leaving your comments and thoughts below. Read More…

“Digicel” Adds Something New

Digicel, Jamaica’s “bigger, better gsm network” has introduced the Samsung P1000 Galaxy TAB to the Jamaican market. The Galaxy Tab which competes directly with Apple’s I-pad, is an ergonomically designed, 7 inch “powerhouse” driven by Google’s open source Android software. The tab of-course is packed with many features, and also supports flash content, a long awaited feature that has not yet been released for the I-pad.
The Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab comes equipped with Wi-Fi, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, full HD video playback, a front facing camera for video chats, and a solid email synchronization platform, perfect for professionals and business  owners. Added to its features, the tab is also smaller and more compact than its I-pad counterpart and is rapidly gaining acceptance in global and international markets.
From Digicel’s introduction of the Motorola Droid, to the introduction of the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab, it is evident that Digicel is clearly doing its homework. This Samsung Galaxy Tab has gotten the ‘MarketingNotesJA” stamp of approval, as we are sure that anyone who uses device will never want to experience a second without it.


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